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August 13 2017


I know I was taking a little break to avoid all the stress of the Charlottesville rally being talked about on tumblr, but I also wanted to make sure all of my Jewish mutuals know how loved they are. I know this is scary and sometimes it feels like the only people looking out for us is ourselves, but know that you are not alone and have never been alone. We are one mishpacha, one family, and we will look after each other and keep each other safe like we always have. I love each and every one of you. Remember, the whole world is a very narrow bridge and the main thing is to have no fear at all.

Goyim, please reblog this instead of all the performative “punch a nazi” nonsense. Make your Jewish followers feel safe.

August 12 2017

When U wake up in the morning and you go outside and you’re active and social all day and u go to bed and u fall the fUCK asleep. Thast how life’s supposed to be

Shoutout to Superdrug for having like /some/ black hair products but it’s still such a wild thing that if I want a specific product for my hair I have to travel for it like if ur black and not in London it’s like :/ guess I’ll die

I bought 2 new hair products I’m gonna use one later n tell u how it goes maybe I’ll do a review but maybe not bc I don’t even know how to act like I know about hair stuff

cool fun ask meme


1. what is your name?
2. how old are you?
3. what is your middle name?
4. what is your zodiac sign?
5. opinions on other zodiac signs?
6. what is a fun fact about you?
7. where do you live?
8. were you or any of your family born somewhere else?
9. what countries have you been to?
10. what countries would you like to go to?
11. what place within your own country would you like to go to?
12. what songs have you been listening to?
13. what are you listening to right now?
14. what is your favourite song right now?
15. what is your favourite album?
16. what languages can you speak?
17. what languages are spoken where you live?
18. what languages are you learning?
19. what languages would you like to learn?
20. write something in another language.
21. do you like to sing?
22. do you like to dance?
23. can you play any instruments?
24. what instruments would you like to learn?
25. what are you reading right now?
26. what is your favourite book? book series?
27. what books would you recommend?
28. standalone book or book series?
29. have you read the harry potter books?
30. what was the last film you watched?
31. do you prefer watching films are the cinema or on dvd?
32. what do you get to eat at the cinema?
33. what is your favourite film?
34. favourite ice cream flavour?
35. favourite pizza topping?
36. favourite crisp flavour?
37. favourite kind of chocolate?
38. favourite food from another country?
39. what are some stereotypes about where you live?
40. talk about the culture/traditions/history of your country?
41. talk about the food in your country?
42. do you know the words to your national anthem?
43. are you religious?
44. what are you scared of?
45. what makes you happy?

August 11 2017

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Albany Ledger, Missouri, October 14, 1898

[As a rule the more a man has to say about women the more he doesn’t really know about them.]


pre transition trans ppl are treated like shit by cis people & also transitioned trans ppl


newsflash just bc media has gay characters doesnt automatically make it good… pls get standards

Get on your boots U2’s only good song

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england is fucked up ur just chilling and suddenly the weathers gon up from ur regular chilly to actual slightly summer-resembling heat and ur too busy enjoying it to remember that on days like these u get mosquitos and ur unprepared and ur trapped in ur bedroom and its buzzing around u and u wish u lived further north

me: oh her hair looks nice
girl in natural hair video: we’re not done yet! let’s add these other 3 products that all cost way too much
me: *exhausted*



imagine big bang theory, but in family guy’s art style

i tried to read this but my entire body got sent to hell so i dont know what it says


Okay so new tag game write down in the tag the type of place your current mindset would be? Is it chaotic like a apocalypse or soft like a expensive hotel in france

i stopped id-ing as genderfluid mainly bc i got into that ‘u need to choose’ self-hating mindset but like yeah. im totally genderfluid and prefer they/them pronouns even if i like plan on u no ~living as~ one of those he people so yh

Me, watching natural hair videos talking about like 50 different oils and products I’m never gonna use: :O


Mr Sandman…. please go to the operations room immediately




whenever people talk about primal urges half the time they’re talking about something sexual, but it’s like, sometimes you just gotta climb a flight of stairs like that, you know? it’s like my body is telling me, “buddy, five thousand years ago everyone would have bolted up stairs on all fours. it’s okay, it’s natural.”

Primal is sneaking out to your kitchen in the dead if night as your head swivels around checking for danger while stuff snack into your arms and standing stone still in the shadows whenever you hear something

exhibit a: predator instinct 

exhibit b: prey instinct

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I tried being sensible today I planned my spending down to the penny but my entire financial plan came crumbling down bc she said do u want a 5p bag and I said yes without thinking

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